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President's Message

Thank you for this opportunity to serve AITP as your 2011 Association President. It is both an honor and a challenge to be entrusted with this role. Your continued support and communication will make this term in office a success. So what's going to make 2011 different for the Association? People! The team that is in place, both elected, and staff, is poised to make a huge difference for 2011. AITP has appointed a new Executive Director in Ted Pfeifer. He and I have been working closely for a couple of months as we transition into 2011 and have established a great level of open communication. Eric Hawkinson, who has served as our Executive Director for many years will be greatly missed, but the Executive team agreed making a move to Ted was in the best interest of the Association.

Some of the initiatives we have underway already for 2011 will be quite visible and will help leaders from all levels of the Association manage their units more effectively. On the forefront of these initiatives is the migration from our site to a more modern Software as a Service format. We will be receiving regular updates from our online services group, headed up by Bill Fly and Keven Webb.

Other highly visible items include our Member Summit scheduled for the end of March, co-located with the National Collegiate Conference in Orlando, FL. The program is shaping up quite nicely thanks to the Events Team of Mary Reager, Kristine Collins and Deborah Lovell. Rumor has it that the weather in Orlando in March is far nicer than January in Chicago, but we'll have to wait and see on that!

So, we're off and running for 2011! I truly believe that this will be the year of ACTION!

Jim R. Henry
Association President 2011

New AITP Web Portal Previewed at Member Summit and NCC

AITP Members attending the 2011 AITP Member Summit and 2011 NCC (National Collegiate Conference) in Orlando got to be the first to see the look and feel of the new Web Portal being developed by the Web Migration team and a crew of volunteer Chapters and groups. AITP is investing in a new web portal infrastructure in order to increase functionality and save costs. The new portal will provide chapters with features they have been asking for. The portal will eventually replace today's and See this Information Executive article (click here) for background on this project.
AITP Chicago and their team led by Charles Melidosian and Rose Southard represented large chapters. Charleston led by Thomas Malaniak represented mid-sized chapters. Las Vegas led by Robyne Hunsberger represented small chapters. Texas State Student Chapter of Region 3 led by Doug Fogle represented student chapters. The SLC (Student Leadership Council) also chaired by Doug Fogle represented Association committees. Region 5 led by Mark Gilfand represented Regions.
In addition to their landing page, each group also developed additional pages to highlight some of the new functionality available through the Your Membership product. Scheduled were demonstration pages for event management including credit card processing, newsletter creation, SIG's (Special Interest Groups), leader lists, and bulk email notifications.
We are still welcoming volunteers who would like to be part of the development effort. Please feel free to notify any of the members of the Web Migration Steering Committee of your interest at Steering committee members are Bill Fly, Deborah Lovell, Mark Gilfand, Keven Webb, Darlene Gerber, Kristine Collins and Elaine Miller. Current plans are to open the new web portal this spring for chapters who want to migrate to or build new websites. Procedures will be developed and made available to chapters along with a migration timeline.
Article updated. Original by Elaine Miller published on March 2, 2011.

Association Leadership for 2012

AITP members have a history of growing their careers and professions while giving of themselves. These members have established themselves as actively involved with their association and truly interested in growing as a professional. AITP offers a wonderful way to meet members across the association, build friendships and experience leadership opportunities.

Now could be your time (Yes, you the reader!) to take that next step. The 2011 Association Recruitment Committee (ARC) is forming to seek association candidates for 2012. The ARC needs active AITP leaders to represent AITP and manage the process from identification of 2012 candidates through election results. The ARC draws its membership from the chairs of the four District Recruitment Committees (DRC) that are part of this process. Region Presidents seek representatives for their DRC (Central, Eastern, Southern and Western). If you have been a chapter leader and are interested in making a difference in AITP, please contact your Region President to see if you can be part of this auspicious process!

As a member of a DRC or ARC, you are making a difference for the future of AITP and its leadership! Here is a golden opportunity to grow your leadership skills while involved with IT professionals across the IT industry. It is a great way to see how AITP leadership works behind the scenes. You will interact with AITP colleagues who have a similar interest in selecting association candidates to serve AITP in 2012. Your role directly impacts AITP in 2012! Here is your chance to make a difference in the future of your association, AITP!

If you have an interest or have questions, feel free to contact Chris Leja, the 2011 ARC Chair, at or talk with your Region President.

Thank you in advance for investing in AITP with your most critical asset - time!

Christine Leja, CDP/CCP
2011 ARC Chair

Association Programs and Services

Attention Region and Chapter Leaders: Things You Need To Do Every Year
All Region and Chapter (Professional and Student) Leaders MUST complete the following to ensure the correct leaders in your chapter receive important information from the Association, your Region and your Parent Chapter, earn cash rebates on professional memberships, and stay in compliance with the AITP conflict of interest policy.

To update your Region/Chapter Leaders:

  • Go to your chapter page at and scroll down to the Chapter Leaders Area. 
  • Click on the link for "Add/Edit Chapter Leaders".  For your current officers and directors, fill in their name, position, and member number.  Student chapters should also include their faculty advisor (substitute email address for member number if the advisor is not an AITP member) and their professional chapter liaison.
  • Region Leaders should contact AITP Headquarters (   to update their Region leaders list.

To complete the Conflict of Interest form:

  • Each January, members of the Association Board of Directors and any Officer or Director of any AITP sub-unit must agree to the Association's Conflict of Interest policy. 
  • Click on the "AITP Leaders Conflict of Interest Form" link on your "MyChapter" page
  • Region Leaders will find this link at your "MyRegion" page.

To re-enroll in the Professional Chapter Rebate Program:

  • To receive a $5 rebate on every new and renewing member in your chapter, you must re-enroll each year in January. Click on the "AITP Chapter Incentive Affirmation" at your "MyChapter" page.

Help your members review and update their Contact Information:

  • Each time your chapter, the region, or the association sends emails to members, we get a large number of non-delivery messages.  The email addresses of many members are out of date and we can no longer communicate with them.  Please review your chapter roster.  Note any email addresses you know are wrong.  At chapter meetings, remind your members to update their contact information. And remember that you, as the officers/leaders of your chapter, can update the contact information of your members through your "MyChapter" page.
  • Please help your Student Chapter leaders understand that contact information for many of their student members is also out of date.  Help them learn how they too can update the contact information of their student members through their "MyChapter" page.

AITP's New Unemployed Membership Program

AITP's New Unemployed Membership Program
AITP's new Unemployed Membership Program has been extended until May 31, 2011. Please spread the word about this AITP limited time membership initiative. Click here for additional information about the Unemployed Member Program, including how to apply.  Or you can email

Multi-year Renewals
Professional members can take advantage of discounts when they renew their membership for multiple years. See IE article for details.

Enterprise Membership Update
New Enterprise membership instructions, dues guide, and application forms have been added to the AITP Join page. The Enterprise Membership program provides discounts on AITP Association dues for companies where multiple employees are AITP members.

Governance News

Keep Your Contact Information Up To Date  
Otherwise you will miss out on important information from AITP about benefits and opportunities.  Graduating students should update their contact information to point to a non-school address.  To update contact information, go to, select the Members tab, and click on MyAccount.  Or see your chapter leaders who can assist you.  Or contact headquarters.


Did You Know that AITP offers a social online forum,
for general discussion and virtual networking! If you're not already a member of the aitpNetwork, please take a few minutes to signup and enjoy collaborating with your fellow members. The aitpNetwork offers a great avenue for open discussion and postings from "Blogs to Jobs". If you have any questions or need assistance in signing up, please contact

Get Published in the official AITP eMagazine, Information Executive (IE)!
Share region, chapter, and other AITP news! Go to, follow the guidelines, and create your article(s). When articles are submitted, they are reviewed by the IE editor, published to the home page, and sent to the members in the next issue of Information Executive (IE) eMagazine.

Communications Broadcasts on File on AITP Web Portal
All Communications Broadcasts are posted on - in PDF format with working links (URLs).To find all the Communication Broadcasts, From the drop down menu, select Membership - YYYY - Communications Broadcast - MONTH for the issue you wish to view.

Service E-mail Addresses

Service Email Addresses - Providing Better Connections!
Better Member Service!

The following are email addresses specific to our Service Areas so our members can communicate their requests or needs directly to the appropriate leaders for timely resolution:

Note:  "*" next to service email address below indicates that it is a new service email address.

Administration - HQ Staff/Operations

AITP's Got Talent (AITP BandITs)

AITP Profession Advisory Council Task Force

AITP Sponsored Events Committee

AITP Strategic Planning Committee *

Association Past President

Association President

Association Secretary

Association Recruitment Committee

Association Treasurer

Association Vice President

Awards Committee

Communications Committee

GITCA (formerly Culminis) Benefits

Service Email Addresses (Con't)

Information Executive

Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Committee

Marketing & Public Relations Committee

Membership Service Area

Membership Questions/HQ Staff

National Collegiate Conference

Partners & Affiliates Committee

Postmaster - Reporting Email Issues

Products & Services Committee

Region Presidents Council

Student Awards

Student Leadership Council

Volunteer Service (Contact to volunteer)

Web Team (Report portal & aitpNetwork issues)

Information Technology Fact - Did You Know...
160 billion emails are sent daily, 97% of which are spam. (from Technology Fast Facts)

Enjoy AITP and Stay Connected...
Your Association Communications Committee


2011 DISA Nominations Due November 30, 2011

The deadline for the 2011 Distinguished Information Sciences Award (DISA) Submissions is November 30, 2011.

AITP Announces Region Outstanding Chapter Award (ROCA) Recipients

Who was selected as the Region Outstanding Chapters????

AITP Closes 2010 with a Bang

2010 AITP Association President Beth Pirrie recaps some end-of-year accomplishments.

AITP Individual Performance Award (IPA) Procedure

AITP announces the Individual Performance Awards (IPA) procedure for the 2010 award year.

New Portal on the Way!

Are you ready for a new Portal? Chapter and region leaders should plan on attending the Member Summit to see a demonstration of the new Portal and how you can use it for your chapter or region.

President's Message - January 2011

2011 Association President talks about how AITP is "off and running" already in 2011.

Professional Chapter Incentive (PCI) and Region Funding Due May 31, 2011

Professional Chapter Incentive (PCI) and Region Funding submissions will be accepted from 01-31-2011 through 05-31-2011. Sign up for Direct Deposit for quick & easy processing of association checks.

RPC Chair Named

The Region President's Council Chair for 2011 is announced.

Volunteer Contributors & Reviewers Needed for New WhitePaper

The AITP Research and Strategy Advisory Group (RASAG) is looking for volunteer contributors and reviewers for its next whitepaper on corporate use of the iPad.